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About Clean Recovery Centers Bradenton

Welcome to Clean Recovery Centers, your top choice for comprehensive treatment options for substance abuse, addiction, and mental health concerns. Located in the stunning Sun Coast Florida, we are committed to providing effective solutions and psychiatric care for individuals at any stage of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

At Clean Recovery Centers, we understand the profound impact that alcoholism, addiction, and untreated mental health issues have on countless lives. That's why we offer a path to recovery that goes beyond hitting rock bottom. Whether you're seeking a fresh start or new life skills, we are here to support you on a transformative journey of Getting Clean, Living Clean, and Staying Clean.

What sets Clean Recovery Centers apart is our dedication to stabilization, assessment, and evidence-based treatment. We utilize medication management and our unique Three-Phase Approach, which encompasses a comprehensive range of tailored treatment options for each stage of recovery. We firmly believe in addressing the entire person, including their physical, spiritual, mental, and social well-being. By identifying and building upon individual strengths, we create a supportive environment that yields remarkable, life-changing results within a three to six-month timeframe.

Choose Clean Recovery Centers as your trusted partner in your recovery journey. Experience the profound difference that our compassionate and personalized approach can make in reclaiming a healthier, happier life.

  • Available Addiction Treatment Programs in Bradenton

    Regain control of your life with Clean Recovery Centers in Bradenton. Our drug rehabilitation center provides the necessary support for those struggling with substance use. With our unique three-phase approach and evidence-based therapy treatments, we have helped numerous individuals achieve sobriety and maintain a clean lifestyle. Located in Bradenton, our facility offers a pathway to reclaim your life from substance use and begin your healing and recovery journey.

  • Available Mental Health Treatment Programs in Bradenton

    Clean Recovery Centers in Bradenton specializes in Phase One of our comprehensive three-phase treatment approach, known as Preparation. This phase includes medical detoxification and a residential stay (Residential I). Our experienced staff is not only proficient in evidence-based therapy for addiction but also qualified to diagnose and address mental health conditions. This diagnosis is vital in determining the subsequent treatment steps across all Clean Recovery Centers facilities. Our mental health treatment programs focus on educating individuals about their condition and creating a safe healing environment. With a dedicated team of professionals, we provide medication management and daily therapy to foster the development of healthy coping skills.

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